The Stone Island heat reactive jacket from this seasons SS19 collection is special! The jacket which is created by the use of thermosensitive fabrics has been hyped about since its release. The jacket adapts and changes colour depending on the temperature that it is in. We found that when it was cold it was a shade of light blue and light red. So to test this piece out we decided to take it to the hottest place in London, the tube. Instantly we found the colours brightening up almost into an electric blue & red! Right before your eyes the colours become brighter and the jacket begins to adapt to its surroundings. Check out some of the pictures we took below.

Details about the jacket...

The Italian sportswear label have once again created their own unique fabric, forever changing the game Stone Island continue to innovate. This jacket is composed of a unique thermosensitive material whilst sporting a print that has been designed to shift with its environment hence the reason this is now being called the 'squid' jacket. The 3 main components of the piece are cotton, nylon & spandex.


This jacket is actually a two in one, sporting detachable sleeves this piece can be turned in to a gilet for when the heat gets to much! Complete with a velcro neck, two buttoned side pockets and a unique black and white detachable Stone Island badge this is seriously a piece that will turn up your spring summer wardrobe game!


This jacket retails on Stone Islands website at £795 but in classic DPUS style we have the jacket at £750!