The Gucci 'Soho Disco' Shoulder Bag - Conventional, stylish & elegant. Crafted from the finest soft calf leather the Gucci 'Soho Disco' bag is comfortable whilst being practical.

Design Details:

- Soft leather

- Large zipper tassel

- Lightweight bag weighing just under a pound.

- Beautiful Red leather

One thing we love about the bag is the pebbled leather design which means the bag is not prone to getting scratched so for all you ladies that enjoy a night out, your bag can come home scratch free!


In term of sizing this bag is very deceiving it may seem small but that is not in fact the case. Sporting one main compartment & two interior compartments you can fit more in the Disco bag than you would think! Items you can fit in the bag at one time:

- A Phone

- A Purse

- Keys

- Hairbrush

- Make Up

- Lip Balm

- Mirror

- You can actually fit more in the bag but this is just what we tested out!

Adjustable Strap:

Sporting an adjustable strap which at its longest length sits at 132cm & at its shortest length sits at 123 cm. The strap is ideal for comfort as its made from a softer leather. For longer wears the strap does not rub on your shoulder or cause discomfort in any way.


This retails for £805 but in classic Designer Pop Up Store style you know that we always find our customers the best deals that we can! We are selling the item at just £699 thats £105 off the RRP!


This is one of the best quality of bags we have had in, the fabric, the colour, the practicality of the bag is second to none. Whilst being stylish the bag holds practical use and shouts style like no other.