Updated: Feb 24

Episode One: Melvillous.

Welcome to our fashion x fashion series where we will be exploring artists and how their fashion influences have been shaped.

Do you have any favorite brands or designers? If so what is it that attracts you to those specifically?

I love Nike, Trapstar, Starter, Artell, Billionaire Boys Club. I feel a natural connection to those brands, they’re almost synonymous with my culture. When you step off the plane in London, there are just certain names you’ll begin to see around the city.

How would you describe your style? I guess it’s a London street style. I wear a lot of tracksuits and a lot of denim. Borg in the winter. When you’re up & down the city a lot you need to be comfortable and always ready to move.

Do you think the music you listened to in your youth effects the way you dress today? If so in what way has it stuck with you? Definitely. I grew up on Hip-Hop & Grime, so every other lyric was a reference to what the artist was wearing or brands they had an affinity for. From the Nike trainers Dizzee Rascal wore on the cover of ‘Boy In Da Corner’, to the B.B.C Ice Cream T-Shirts I saw in all the N.E.R.D videos.

Melvillous - Widdit

Are there any artists whose style you feel connected with or inspires you?

There are so many, but Nipsey Hussle has probably been one of my biggest inspirations. Aside from just being a stand-up dude, I’ve always felt connected with his fashion choices. His brand ‘The Marathon Clothing’ makes a lot of dope tracksuits & crewneck jumpers inspired by the community he grew up in.

Who was your fashion influence growing up? If it was a family member or friends who and what did they wear Probably my older brother, he put me onto to a lot of things as a kid; New Era, FUBU, Akademiks etc. What piece of clothing do you cherish the most and why? Probably my Sonny Digital ‘Don’t Play’ windbreaker, it has a flip design of the original PlayStation logo and I bought it online in a super limited run. People always ask where I got it and then they feel a way when I tell them it’s no longer available haha!

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CC: Oliver Gunns

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