Dior X Daniel Arsham

Dive deeper into the highly anticipated collection by Daniel Arsham for Dior.

First teased on the French fashion houses Instagram in December following their Miami fashion show, the Dior X Daniel Arsham collection has lit up the world of fashion.

Before we dive into the pieces we have received let's talk a bit more about the designer at hand, Daniel Arsham. Based in New York Daniel Arsham is your modern-day multi-talented artist, whose work is respected in his fields all over the globe. Whilst this specific project is in the world of fashion, Daniel Arsham first mastered his trade in performing arts and this is where he learnt the importance of collaborations.

Born colour blind Daniel Arsham has only started to play with colour in recent years due to his specially designed glasses. As you can see with the current collection below the colours in the 'DIOR' print catch your eye instantly and make an immediate impact.

The designer's fascination with Asia conveys through the eroded 'Dior' 3D print, producing a worn look the print somewhat looks as if its an Asian floral print but as you delve in closer this is not the case. Daniel Arsham has mixed his obsession with Asia with smart 3-D designs within these T-shirts,

we are loving this collection and it seems our customers are too. The retail price is at £450 but in classic DPUS style, we have the collection at £350. Hit the link below to see them in more detail.

CC: Keaton Cohen

Instagram: Keats_Co