Updated: Jan 30

C.P. Company: Invent to innovate

They say necessity is the mother of invention. But in the case of renowned Italian design school C.P. Company, it would appear their inventions fuel their need to innovate. Casing point: the Prismatic Rip-Stop Membrane (P.Ri.S.M), featured in their most recent Hooded Jacket.

First showcased on their official Instagram two weeks ago, P.Ri.S.M is a technologically-driven fabrication designed to set a new standard in weather-resistant outerwear. Showcased on the Hooded Jacket above, the eye-catching colour exudes a natural richness, a feet achieved through the fabric’s P.Ri.S.M manufacturing process. A two-tone rip-stop and polyurethane membrane meld with an olive drab over dye, resulting in a jacket that is aesthetically unique and simultaneously resistant to the elements. 

Using two different nylons one for the base and one for the ripstop the P.Ri.S.M collection is windproof, quick-drying and tailored to regular outerwear, such technology proves why C.P. Company are market leaders in their field. 

As the godfathers of the garment dyeing techniques, C.P. Company have outdone themselves this year, a must-have piece that has been engineered to perfection by the Italian fashion house.

Keep an eye out for our SS20 collection which is due to come in-store & online very soon!

CC: Oliver Gunns

Instagram: Olly_Gunns

Content Credit: C.P. Company