There was some big news out of the Stone Island camp a few weeks ago. Leaders in their field and masters of their craft, it was last Friday that Italy's leading fashion house announced a collaboration with one of London's most iconic fashion boutiques: Browns. The result? A selection of six different garment types with a specific colorway exclusive to Browns, each of which lay host to a bold - and brilliant - colored design.

Customers of DPUS will know that Stone Island is a brand close to our hearts, as we regularly receive a range of pieces from their season collections. Fans of the brand will also be aware that Stone Island seldom team up with other clothing imprints if at all ever, marking this collaboration as a, particularly distinguished event.

So onto the garments then. For the torso, we've got a hoodie, sweatshirt, T-shirt and parka jacket, alongside cargo trousers and shorts for the lower half. Standard procedure. But it's the design that really sets this collab apart, one that features a blue, black and cream laced colorway. The aesthetic is reminiscent of the archetypal navy camouflage, a feature of which is hard to reinvent - stylishly - in today's fashion world.

Browns X Stone Island Official Video

Simply put: we're a big fan of the end result. Our office may be divided on which is our favorite piece - that Parka is the loudest surely - but either way each piece of clobber reflects each of the fashion outfits talents for designing, producing and creating quality clothing.

Of course, we will not be receiving Browns 'exclusive' colorway but we will be receiving the SS20 collection of the camo design in other colorways, dropping in the next month at DPUS!

CC: Oliver Gunns

Instagram: Olly_gunns