Balenciaga Zen Trainer

Updated: Jan 30

The Balenciaga Zen: fine art, or dire design?

Taste can be a divisive thing. One man’s rich is another man’s poor, one man’s best is another man’s worst. So when Balenciaga incepted the Zen trainer into their ever-growing range of shoeware, there was a somewhat mixed reaction from the ever-so-quick-to-judge fashion world. 

Regardless of opinion, it can’t be refuted that the Spanish fashion house has caused an uproar. Criticism and ridicule may have been the instant reaction, but perhaps Balenciaga are playing the smart game. 

What trainer is currently the talk of the town in the fashion world?

The Balenciaga Zen

What trainer currently adorns the headlines of global publications?

The Balenciaga Zen 

What trainer are we taking the time to talk about?

The Balenciaga Zen 

You get the picture. Balenciaga has made their desired impact; the trainer is the talk of the town, irrespective of what the critics say.

So what’s their motive then? Publicity? Absolutely - any publicity is good publicity. But more than that, there’s a sense of humorous self-deprecation to the Zen, with it’s Lonsdale-Esque aesthetic and Number 90’s Year 6 design; an intentional satire, one that conveys itself with a carefree strength, as if to say: we are Balenciaga and we create what we see fit.

It may not be everyone’s cup of tea but the people are talking: and talking, ultimately, means buying but at £495 you won't be seeing these on the shop floor at DPUS.

CC: Oliver Gunns

Instagram: Olly_Gunns